Content Marketing

Content Marketing · 05. May 2021
Every Word Counts - Driving Traffic and Leads With Content Marketing
Sharing meaningful content is the first step in attracting new customers and filling the sales funnel. Make sure it has meaning to the audience to have a positive effect on your sales efforts.
Content Marketing · 19. March 2021
The Difference Between Content Marketing and Advertising
Like so many people, I love history. It gives me particular satisfaction when I can put a historical perspective on something personal or professional. People often talk about content marketing like it is something new in a marketer’s toolbox. In reality, brands have been telling their stories for hundreds of years. In 1732, Benjamin Franklin published the yearly Poor Richard’s Almanack to promote his printing business. Charles Scribner’s Sons began publishing Scribner’s Magazine in...
Content Marketing · 21. February 2021
5 Often-Seen Pitfalls When Writing Blogs
Blogs are an effective way to exhibit your expertise on the subject matter of interest to your audience. As professionals, all of us have much to share. Avoid these pitfalls and your readers will look forward to your next blog.