the world of solopreneurs

A Solopreneur is the "chief pot and bottle washer". They do a little bit of everything every day. A day in the life of a solopreneur might include making sales calls, marketing to prospects, accounting, delivering their product or service to customers plus dozens of other things. The truth is:

  • Time is in short supply and they never have enough of it
  • They don't have money for anything
  • Setting priorities is a challenge because everything is a top priority

Marketing for solopreneurs is difficult because it’s hard to find enough time to manage your business, let alone to consider bringing in new customers. But if you want to see success and grow your income you must dedicate a significant amount of time each week to marketing.


Perhaps most difficult is finding a strategy that works. There are plenty out there, but when you are working by yourself, many of them are unrealistic or just impossible.


Instead, you must boil your marketing efforts down to the most concentrate tasks that can be completed in a short period while still having a significant impact.


how we help solopreneurs

Solopreneurs need cost-effective means of building brand awareness and bringing in new business. Noesis Marketing works with Solopreneurs by applying incremental tactics that work within a monthly budget. They are effective because they are targeted and messaging rings true with recipients.

  • Clarity of target audiences and value proposition
  • Brand awareness and staying top of mind when customers are ready to buy
  • Maximizing efforts across platforms for best bang for the buck - Our trifecta of content marketing: website blog, shared through email and social media

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