Noesis Marketing was formed to provide businesses with marketing expertise that they may not have available to them but that they require in order to grow their business. Noesis Marketing has helped all types of businesses grow utilizing custom marketing strategies.


Nina Tucker, President

Nina Tucker is a “doer” and gets great satisfaction helping small businesses through her own venture, Noesis Marketing. As a fan of detective stories, Nina most enjoys figuring out the best way to apply the most effective marketing techniques to each specific situation, uncovering the issues and ensuring that the results have a positive effect. Her greatest strength lies in crafting a message, regardless of the medium, that will peak the reader’s interest and draw them in. She gets the most gratification in providing comprehensive marketing programs for small businesses that improve their brand and their bottom line.


Nina’s balance of analytical and creative skills led her to her career in Marketing. Most recently she established and ran the marketing department for a media company. During her tenure, the company grew from one market to 17, while at the same time migrating from print to electronic media. She set strategy encompassing media planning, web development, forecasting, pricing, lead generation, brand management and data analysis. The customer base included thousands of small businesses in an array of vertical markets. 


Nina has been marketing to small businesses for over 20 years. She began her career at a telecommunications company working in a range of marketing functions including product development, where all aspects of products needed to be defined and implemented- market potential, financial projections, value proposition, process, etc. As business conditions dictated, she was responsible for implementing a more holistic approach to marketing across all markets.


Nina holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Nina grew up in Brooklyn, NY. She lives in Montclair, NJ with her husband and two adorable shelties, and has two adult children. She is often found padding around her garden tending to the variety of flowers around her home. When the weather is more inclement, she is off to the movies or to see a play. Nina is a literacy volunteer and helps with PR and fundraising for local non-profits.