Noesis Marketing was established to provide businesses with marketing expertise that they may not have available to them but that they require in order to grow their business. Noesis Marketing has helped all types of businesses grow utilizing tailored marketing strategies.


Nina Tucker, President

My career has provided unique experiences and skills that help my clients achieve better outcomes. Fresh out of college with a business degree from Carnegie Mellon University, I started my career in production. In the Yellow Pages business there were continual ad proof and pagination deadlines. Plus, there were new products to incorporate into the pipeline. Everything was driven by sales campaign and publication dates. To this day I apply my project management skills when managing strategic marketing plans - keeping them on target and on schedule.


My role in sales support gave me a comprehension for sales and customer perspectives when developing and executing marketing. There’s a certain level of sophistication needed in communicating product specs, benefits and applications to sales teams and to customers. I developed a clarity of language that I still use today. It’s essential to understand who the customer is, their perspective and their grasp of the subject matter when creating sales materials, promotions, blogs, etc. Recently working with a manufacturer, products were developed by engineers, sold to plant managers and used by manufacturing line operators. To generate leads, campaigns were directed toward plant managers and operators using technical terminology that conveyed the value for them.


Product development expanded my skills further into competitive and market analysis, financial viability, product design, sales training, pricing and product launch. Each new product venture was akin to running a small company. Competition exploded when the Bell companies were broken up in the 1980’s. It was necessary to develop new products to protect our position in the market. Based on competitive and market analysis, and profit and loss statements, a new product would be considered for launch. In launch mode, the focus was on developing sales training and marketing campaigns for its introduction.


These experiences held me in good stead in my role as Director of Marketing. Every aspect of the business was touched by my team’s efforts. Product lines were streamlined to improve efficiencies, revenues tripled in just seven years, and product usage increased. Working closely with sales, we were able to maintain our market share in highly competitive markets. We introduced an online directory platform that helped capture web market share. Our team managed advertising and promotion plans for 17 international markets. Each market was unique which required specific campaigns, messaging, graphics, etc. During this time, leading my team, I achieved the highest manager rating in an employee survey.


Throughout my career I oversaw hundreds of research studies: customer satisfaction, product usage, new product testing, buyer behavior and more. Regardless of the end purpose, this has given me the ability to ask questions in a way to achieve greater customer insights and deliver better marketing results.


To fulfill my drive for accomplishment and my need for independence, after more than 20 years into my career, I struck out on my own and formed Noesis Marketing in 2012.


When they hire me, my clients have confidence that they have brought on a team player who will put in place marketing strategies that fulfill their revenue goals and who will work closely with their sales team to provide the marketing support they need. The worry of the day-to-day management of marketing for their business has dissolved. My holistic approach encompassing marketing, sales and product perspectives serves them well.