Marketing Strategy · 17. August 2022
A Fresh Look At Differentiation Strategy
Differentiation is more than offers, branding, and communication. It encompasses every customer interaction.
Marketing Strategy · 27. July 2022
What Is Brand Strength & Why It Is Important
When a brand is considered strong, the name is well-known, the products sell easily at desired prices, and customers choose it regularly over other brands. A strong brand creates positive connections that deepen the emotional response of the customer.
Marketing Strategy · 22. June 2022
Drive, Drive, Drive
It’s important to keep website content fresh and up to date. But it is just as important to drive traffic to the site. The more traffic to your website, the more opportunities you have to grow your business.
Marketing Strategy · 28. April 2022
Creating a Path to Sales
With the right marketing plan in place, a prospect gains knowledge about the company and what they have to offer. When laying the path to sales activity, consider a prospect’s journey specifically for the business that will take them on the road to a purchase.
16. March 2022
Reflections on 10 Years as a Business Owner
As I celebrate the 10th year since I launched my business, it's a good time to reflect on the things that have had a positive impact on my business.
Brand Assessment · 22. February 2022
First Unpack, Then Capitalize on Opportunities
How does an organization move forward? Are there opportunities that are not being taken advantage of? Perhaps it is time for a “temperature check” to identify those opportunities.
Marketing Strategy · 24. January 2022
What First Impression Are You Making?
It takes a split second for a visitor to form an impression about a brand based on a website, social media presence, or any online appearance. Creating a great first impression relies on demonstrating professionalism, being seen as an authority, and establishing trustworthiness.
17. December 2021
Taking Stock and Moving Forward
As the hubbub of the holidays subsides, use the space that opens up to breathe, reflect, take stock of the path you’ve been on, and set an intention around how to approach your personal and professional lives in 2022.
16. November 2021
Attracting the Right Candidates
Shore up marketing strategies to generate interest in your company and make it easier to attract candidates that are a good fit.
Marketing Strategy · 26. October 2021
What Does It All Mean?
An abundance of marketing data isn't necessarily useful and may lead you down the wrong path.

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