Our process for uncovering better-defined audiences, marketing strategies, content  and so on, makes meaningful connections and better supports sales efforts. By going through this process, strategies and tactics are more impactful. Your marketing is reaching the audience it needs to address, it is delivering a message that is more meaningful, and an emotional chord is struck that will encourage them to take the next step, moving them into the sales pipeline.


Whether you are looking for help with one part of your marketing program, such as improving email marketing outcomes, or looking to develop an entire cohesive marketing plan, the process begins with questions and discussion. This stage is based on goals and how to get there. We start by uncovering relevant information, analyzing data and feedback and turning all of it into relevant business insights.

The exploratory phase of the process means uncovering:

  • You and your company’s goals
  • You and your company’s challenges
  • Perceptions about your company and products
  • Your well-defined value proposition
  • Who your customers are on a very granular level
  • What you sell – what does is mean when someone buys your product 



The Planning phase is the creation of strategic marketing programs based on product, customer and competitive insights. Strategies are developed to leverage target audience personas, buying personas, unique value propositions and more. The plan addresses:

  • Existing gaps exist that need to be addressed
  • Adjustments that need to be made to leverage new insights
  • Changes that need to take place to achieve goals


Once the plan is agreed upon, project management skills are applied  to implement the specific tactics aligning with your schedule and budget. In this phase, marketing campaigns and tactics are launched. Performance is monitored and tactics are adjusted as needed.



When companies hire Noesis Marketing to oversee marketing strategies, the worry of the day-to-day management of marketing for their business is dissolved. We manage marketing activities and provide continued support to sales needed for success. Our project management skills applied to implementing and managing strategic marketing plans keep them on target and on schedule.