Working at a nonprofit or in a company that serves the nonprofit industry is like nothing else. These individuals are dedicated to their work at a level unlike most in the for-profit world. Successful nonprofits are able to mobilize and inspire their staff, their volunteers, and their donors. They constantly create meaningful ways to engage these individuals and connect them to the nonprofit's mission and core values. They build and sustain strong communities.


Marketing and communications play an important role in this. Nonprofit marketing involves the creation of logos, slogans, and copy, as well as the development of  media campaigns that expose the organization to an outside audience. The goal of nonprofit marketing is to promote the organization's ideals and causes to get the attention of potential volunteers and donors.


Messaging and communications need to:

  • Support and empathize with those that the nonprofit serves. Communications to their customers must be informative as well.
  • Pull the heart strings of potential donors but also communicate the good that the organization is doing - in other words, make the case for contributing.
  • Pique the interest of volunteers that are crucial to the running of the nonprofit's work.

We work with nonprofits and those that serve the nonprofit industry to spread the word about their good work. We use marketing tactics and strategies to amplify an organization's cause and mission, solicit donations, and attract volunteers and supporters.