The middle market landscape

The top challenges facing Middle Market companies are growing revenue, increasing profit, and managing and sustaining the “right growth” to optimize their business model.  In addition, middle market companies lack the resources of larger firms, while operating under greater competitive pressure. For these companies it is important to focus on achieving stability and increasing their customer base driving profits at a more steady pace. 


Many of these organizations are “sales-oriented,” where employees focus on advancement and are rewarded based on sales goals instead of focusing on profit goals. Accommodating both corporate profit goals and individual sales goals makes tailored marketing strategies that much more important. It is critical that Middle Market companies crystalize marketing strategies that get more bang for the buck. Their strategies need to work across audience segments, across the competitive landscape and evolve with ever-changing customer needs. 


Marketing success for Middle Market companies may be elusive due to: 

  • Dependence on non-marketing executives to lead the marketing charge
  • Dependence on one or two in-house tactical marketers with little ability to self-manage and make effective strategic decisions
  • Dependence on an advertising agency, public relations firm, traditional strategic marketing consultant, and/or freelance specialty subcontractors  ill-equipped to deliver a comprehensive and integrated modern marketing plan capable of driving business growth


How we help Middle market companies

Noesis Marketing works with middle market companies to develop and execute marketing strategies that fill their sales pipeline. We work closely with sales teams to give them the additional support they need to gain relevance with their customers. We use integrated product, technology and go-to market strategies that are lead generation focused. Our holistic marketing approach ensures that your marketing budget goes further. 

  • Make them findable by customers who aren't very familiar with them or don't know the brand at all
  • Draw people into the  brand  by using creativity in messaging, visualization and delivery 
  • Grow market share by clarifying their value proposition to specific target markets
  • Be very clear in messaging about what they do, why they do it and why their customers need it
  • Show how much their customers like them and their offerings
  • Improve the customer experience and customer journey
  • Build strategies to enter new markets
  • Promote the brand, brand assets, packaging, etc. in a consistent and distinctive manner
  • Invest in research to understand customer and employee perceptions about the business 
  • Continuously show the leader(s) of the company how their marketing investment is working.

Learn more about our analytical marketing process here.


If you are looking to do more to drive sales, and your marketing success is limited by lack of effective resources, it's time to talk to Noesis Marketing.