Every Word Counts - Driving Traffic and Leads With Content Marketing

Anyone can use content to drive traffic, leads, and sales. A steady flow of consistent and quality content can help seamlessly generate leads for your sales funnel. The key is how you execute your plan.


Driving traffic is all about casting a wide net, generating interest, and getting new prospects who want to learn more about your brand or business.


With relevant keywords, leverage search engines and social media to attract your potential target audience. By guiding the discovery process for potential clients, the top of the sales funnel will begin to fill up.
SEO-focused website content such as web pages, landing pages, and blog posts, with useful, compelling, and valuable information will go a long way to attract an audience. If it has high value, other people will gladly promote it on social media platforms, increasing its authority and relevance, and improving its ranking in Google.
Just as important, be sure that the content teaches and guides but does not sell. At this point, you are looking to educate the customer, not persuade the customer. The information you send them shouldn’t be talking about your company directly but instead acting as a guide to help them solve whatever issue or question they have.
Prove that you are worth a read or listen. Without being pushy, always illustrate your expertise helpfully and knowledgeably.
Lastly, make sure you are sharing the content where your target audience is. Your content may be relevant to your prospects, but it will be ineffective if they don’t see it. Understand who your prospects are and the best ways to connect with them.
Sharing meaningful content is the first step in attracting new customers and filling the sales funnel. Make sure it has meaning to the audience to have a positive effect on your sales efforts.

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