Key Strategies for a Successful Email Campaign

Email marketing is a great marketing tool because it can be targeted, it is measurable, it has a high return on investment and it has vast reach – email is ubiquitous in today’s world. However, it needs to be done right for it to be successful.

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Universal Principles of Marketing

Articles about how to have better results with email marketing, social media, direct mail and assorted other media come across my desk all the time. Each one focuses on one type of marketing tactic. 

One thread runs through all of them - content! Certain principles about content apply to all of them. Keep these in mind when developing any type of content and your results will be better.

  • It's not about you - it's about your customer, the reader. Don't start with what you do, that will come later. Open with what your customer's issues are. Show empathy and understanding.
  • Make it personal. Segment your messages so that each one speaks to a specific demographic in your audience. You want people to feel like you are talking to them.
  • Make it engaging. Talk about the things that are meaningful to your audience, such as how a problem can be solved.
  • Make it valuable. Give advise, make an offer.
  • Make it brief. Short paragraphs and bullets will get your message across and hold the readers attention.
  • Include images. Images act to immediately engage the recipient before they've read a single word.

By following these few principles you'll get more interest in what you have to offer whether you are posting on facebook or sending a direct mail piece.


Do's and Don'ts of Networking for Small Businesses

When I started my business 15 months ago, I was a novice at networking. Like many small business owners I spend a good amount of my time networking to meet other business owners with the goal of bringing in new prospects. The purpose of networking is not to necessarily meet people who need your services.

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Copy Writing Strategies To Positively Affect Customer Growth

No matter what your business is, you need to reach and influence potential customers to buy your product or service. The message needs to be crafted in a certain way for the greatest effect. This applies to your website,

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How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business & Generate Leads

LinkedIn is commonly considered a tool to find a job, and to research a company or an individual. But LinkedIn also lends itself to business-to-business marketing and has proven to be an effective way to promote your business. Many B2B companies have been successful at generating leads from LinkedIn.

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