How Covid Has Changed the Marketing Message

Have you ever heard the phrase "It's not about you"?" Well it's truer now than ever during the pandemic.

Whether your customers are consumers or businesses, the pandemic has changed the marketing landscape. The overall approach of marketing messaging has changed to a softer tone and stronger focus on value. Businesses are more generous with information that is helpful to their audience and less on promotional content. 

Many businesses have realigned their brands and messaging around purpose, or by simply acting as a voice of reason. Adjusting the marketing message has strengthened relationships between brands and customers.

Companies need to continue to offer value and stay focused on the customer experience. People are just trying to stay afloat right now, so think contribution, not conversion. Modify copywriting so that calls to action are appropriate. Also, keep in mind that things are evolving fast, so remain agile or risk missing out on marketing opportunities.


In terms of frequency, it is no longer best to inundate customers with multiple digital touchpoints a day around a product when the whole world continues to change, and people are adapting. Rather, be less product focused and be generous with content that will be helpful to recipients but always make it easy for them to make a purchase or get in touch.


What has this pivot in messaging done for businesses? The companies that pivoted are the ones that have stayed connected with customers and strengthened their relationships by adding value. Brands that softened their tone and humanized themselves are able to stay connected with their customers, even when they aren’t buying.


The overall tone and content of marketing will continue to evolve, and brands need to persevere in staying nimble during the pandemic.

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