Copy Writing Strategies To Positively Affect Customer Growth

No matter what your business is, you need to reach and influence potential customers to buy your product or service. The message needs to be crafted in a certain way for the greatest effect. This applies to your website,

direct mail, email campaigns, newsletters, brochures, or any information that you publish about your company or what you do. Your goal when writing your message is:

  •  To make the message as effective as possible in drawing in potential customers
  • To leverage the message to make a connection with the reader
  • To encourage them to find out more

Copy Strategies to Positively Affect Client Growth

There are several specific copy techniques that will make your marketing messages more effective and facilitate client growth. These techniques make a connection with a prospect, and encourage them to find out more about you and your product or service.

  1. First and foremost, the content must touch on those issues related to the recipient that creates the most discomfort for them (pain points). Incorporating these will increase the likelihood that they will read it and it will resonate with them. Examples of these could be financial insecurity when talking about financial planning, insufficient insurance coverage and its consequences, paying too much, etc.
  2. Second, it is important to make the communication about them. If the reader doesn’t feel a connection with the content they will not be interested. You will come across as just posturing about your company. Avoid using the word “I”.
  3. Make the communication concise or you will lose their interest. There is no need to tell the entire story of your business with every detail of what you do. You want to peak their interest and let them ask questions. It gives them a reason to reach out to you and gives you an opportunity to interact with them. Websites are perfect for this because each page can provide some information with links or subpages to more indepth information.
  4. Make sure that you clearly communicate what value you bring to them, rather than what you do. People buy based on the value they perceive they get from a good or service.
  5. There is no need to disparage the competition in your marketing communications. You will be respected more if you talk about what value you bring.
  6. There is no need to give away a “gift” for allowing you to make a presentation or for becoming a client. It makes you seem desperate and unprofessional.
  7. The appearance of your communication needs to reflect your company and the image you want to project. Use a type font and overall look and feel that is congruous with what you do and your values.
  8. Put the content in language that your prospects can understand. It is absolutely necessary to put technical language into words that they can relate to otherwise you will lose their interest. You can use graphic representations, such as infographics, as a tool to explain a technical concept.

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