Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Your goals and your customers, among many factors, help determine what marketing strategies are best for your business. We identify, develop, implement and manage your marketing approach to enable your marketing tactics to work together and deliver the best possible outcomes. We work closely with sales teams to provide the marketing support they need. We bring clarity to customer personas, competitive positioning and branding.


This stage is based on goals and how to get there. We start by uncovering relevant information, analyzing data and feedback and turning all of it into relevant business insights.


The Planning phase is the creation of strategic marketing programs based on product, customer and competitive insights. Strategies are developed to leverage target audience personas, buying personas, unique value propositions and more.


In this phase, marketing campaigns and tactics are launched. Performance is monitored and tactics are adjusted as needed.

Marketing Management

When companies hire Noesis Marketing, the worry of the day-to-day management of marketing for their business is dissolved. We manage marketing tactics and provide continued sales support needed for success.


Our project management skills applied to implementing and managing strategic marketing plans keep them on target and on schedule

Scope of Strategies

Based on your goals, target market, competitive activity, buyer behavior, value proposition, and other aspects of your business, a custom strategic plan will include any of the following tactics. 

  • Sales Support - Effectively communicating product specs, benefits and applications to sales teams and to customers. Digital and traditional promotional material that best supports sales efforts.
  • Product Development - Assessment includes competitive and market analysis, financial viability and product design. In launch mode, the focus shifts to sales training and launch marketing campaigns.
  • Re-Branding - Conceptualizing, planning and implementing new brands that truly reflect your value proposition.  
  • Surveys - Writing, testing and executing customer satisfaction, product usage, new product testing, buyer behavior and other surveys.
  • Direct Marketing - Digital and print mail marketing including list sourcing and management, copy and creative development, printing & mailing coordination and tracking.
  • Marketing Campaigns - Targeted campaigns based on defined markets and needs, list development, copy and creative development, and media selection, and tracking. 
  • Website Development and Management - Content development, relevant image sourcing, coherent layout, and Search Engine Optimization [keywords, meta tags, inbound links], website maintenance & analytics reporting, RFP process for website developer selection and project management. 
  • Social Media - Targeted, engaging, well placed content on the most relevant social media; social media campaigns.
  • Content Creation - Researching, writing and distributing via email, posting via website and social media, includes blogs, case studies and white papers.
  • PR - Developing and distributing press releases and comprehensive press kits.
  • Event Planning - New product and brand launches, trade show participation, corporate events and fundraisers.

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